Jenny Z

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 October 2020

It’s not a book about Osteopathy, but it gives a great overview of the methodology, benefits, process as well as the medical industry, with time taken to provide insight into the Pharmaceutical world and traditional medicine (money, power and influence).

This book gives an insight into the authors beliefs in terms of alternative medicines, how we influence and impact our health, ownership of our state of mind and health, with very current hot topics such as Covid and Vaccination covered to give an alternative perspective to that fed to us by the media.

This is a personal book, the author has given a lot of themselves, talking about their opinions, career, life and that is intermingled with interesting subjects around health, happiness and well-being. A good read, maybe it’s not for those who aren’t open to alternative healthcare and self-care… or maybe it’s exactly for them?

I read it as I have received Osteopathy treatment and I am keen to understand it more as well as learn about helping me to improve my health… it’s had a positive impact.

A must read! This is going to rock the industry
This is simply brilliant! A must read! An insight into areas that most people don’t want to talk about or choose to ignore! A real eye opener! Great concept and Product! Thank you, Michelle, for being brave!

An uplifting and informative book
The author clearly has the courage of her convictions. Thank you, Michelle, for making your voice heard so clearly’

I would describe this book as ‘a real eye opener with a sting in its tail’
A truly inspirational book which shares a wealth of information and advice to improve health and wellbeing and enhance self-healing through natural methods and alternative therapies.

The author provides an insight into the history of traditional medicine and the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry, and sets out an interesting perspective on current issues, COVID-19 and vaccination, leaving the reader with plenty of food for thought.