About the Book

Miracle Worker provides a dynamic look at the way the average person tackles their presenting problems: aches, pains and much worse. We can become masters of our own body and move into a pain-free healthier existence away from the problems that plague us. Within a world that is ruled by medical science and big pharma, where medicine and tablets are the answer, Michelle takes the reader through a journey of discovery: the discovery that the solution to these problems are seated within the very mind of the patients, not the packet of pills they have in their drawer.

From a structured look at the history of osteopathy, to an evaluation of current medical practice, this book aims to educate those curious to regain control over their health and move into an enlightened way of thinking. Chapters on alternative practices, crystals, Osteopathic techniques and Michelle’s own experience, take you through the same process an expert Osteopath would use to evaluate and alleviate your problems – promoting a healthier, changed lifestyle. Each section is illustrated with testimonials.